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What Plants are best?

Landscaping in Northern Arizona can be tricky and very overwhelming.  A huge part and confusing process of landscaping Is plant selection.  The environment of a hot desert climate is a challenge to get plants to grow, especially trying to not consume massive amounts of water.  There are, fortunate enough, a large amount of indigenous plants are readily available.  These plants can be a part of a great backyard combined with the other components.

Terra Sole Outdoor Designs will help you with the selection of plants to make sure your landscape will flourish in even the most extreme of conditions.  The secret to a flourishing backyard is planning and expertise. To be able to have this backyard you would also want low water useage. To accomplish these goals expertise is a must.  Keeping key factors in mind to develop these key factors.

Color is important to your landscaping plan. The intention of color placement reflects on the overall backyard. Warm red and yellow lowering succulents ( aloe or  ice plants ) are great focal factors that can be potted or sown into the ground. Mexican poppies and other wildflowers attract species of bees, which benefit your landscape design greatly. 

Northern Arizona creates an environment that needs extra attention to the plants needed to thrive. 

Terra Sole Outdoors can help you to navigate the many choices to fit your dream backyard.

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