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Landscape water features serve many purposes, including being pieces of artwork, places to swim or raise fish and sources of gentle sound effects. Water features can add an element of the exotic to your property, but they require careful maintenance in order for them to function properly, operate safely, and not become an eyesore. 

Here are a few easy ideas for landscape water features and pond landscaping:

For the birds: Did you grow up with birdbaths in your yard? Those heavy, two-piece concrete creations held water beautifully and could be positioned on any flat space in your yard. But, many were unwieldy, difficult to move and impossible to clean. There’s a new breed of D.I.Y. birdbath that can serve as a static water feature for a sitting area in your yard or patio, and it’s plastic and easy to maintain – and can be installed as a freestanding object or hung like a potted plant. Visit your local garden center for options. 

Zen moments: The easiest way to create a peaceful corner on your patio is to install a freestanding water feature for instant relaxation and the calm of infinite bubbling sounds. Freestanding electric water features range in material, size, shape, and cost, so you’re sure to find one that fits your aesthetic and budget. From trickling fountains in cast stone or concrete to glass walls of waterfalls, freestanding water features make a great solution if you don’t want to install something in the ground.

Ponds and beyond: An existing small natural pond on your property can be landscaped to resemble an outdoor water feature. Pond landscaping can be as simple or complex as you desire.  Stepping stones or tiles can be laid in concrete along one of the pond’s edges to create a small patio landing with room for a chair or small dining set. For small decorative ponds, try digging a 3’ x 4’ x 2’ hole and filling it with polyethylene pond liner, then surrounding the edges with rocks, stone, tile or brick with mortar. If you want to pond to bubble or flow, purchase an inexpensive bubbler kit from your local garden center. If adding fish to your pond, consult first with your local pet store to determine water and oxygenation requirements.

Go aquatic: Create a water garden in a pot! Look for floating plants such as hyacinth or water lettuce and grow them in a piece of oversized pottery. It’s a low-maintenance way to bring water into your landscape plan without the complexity of adding electricity to the mix. The only maintenance required is to refresh the water weekly. And please take note: any standing water that’s not bubbling can become a breeding ground for mosquitoes and other insects, so be sure to either change or treat the water to prevent those unwanted pests!

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